About inbi

About INBI

India Network for Basic Income is a nation-wide community of researchers, activists, artists, journalists, and concerned citizens who are keen to understand, research and advocate the idea of basic income in the Indian context.

It was established in 2015 by a small group of researchers who participated in the Madhya Pradesh Basic Income Pilot Study that was done from 2011 to 2013. The results of this study were positive and demonstrated that basic income, if designed and implemented well, could have a strong transformative and emancipatory effect on the lives of the poor. It is this conviction that propelled this small group to begin to talk about this big idea to more people, and that’s how INBI was formed.

INBI’s main objectives

To spread awareness and promote the idea of basic income through research publications, essays, short films and other media;

To conduct rigorous scientific research in order to generate evidence regarding the impact of basic income on households living in poverty;

To conduct outreach activities such as seminars, talks, conferences at local as well as national level to stimulate and strengthen public conversation about basic income

To collaborate and work closely with local and national governments and their research organisations to explore and design different models of basic income for effective implementation

To collaborate with local, national and international organisations in the areas of research and advocacy of basic income, and generating awareness material


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