Appeal for Funding

Basic Income has the potential to liberate us from the alienating work that we are forced to do in order to earn our living. It can also provide to the poor, a ground to stand on, and remove economic insecurity. Pilot studies across continents have provided rich data to demonstrate that basic income has a very transformative and emancipatory effect on people’s lives.

The 19th BIEN Congress will explore all these and more themes. These discussions today have an immediate bearing on policy and practice. That is the significance of this Congress which plans to bring together academics, community organisers, policy makers, and students to deliberate on these pressing questions.

Organising a global Congress is an expensive affair. India Network of Basic Income which is hosting this Congress is a young network with no funds of its own. It depends on contributions from individuals and organisations that wish to support and promote a wider discussion of the idea of universal basic income. In this Note, we appeal to the organisations and individuals to financially contribute to this event and make it a big success.

As explained in the brochure, each plenary session costs us about 20,000 US Dollars, i.e., about 15 lakh rupees. These are costs pertaining to paying the international and national speakers and their accommodation and other costs. We are planning about 8 plenary sessions each with about 5 to 6 speakers. There are two other components of the Congress. One, a Basic Income Short Film Exhibition for which a Call for Entries has been circulated. It costs us 5000 USD to organise this event. The second event is Basic Income Ideas Bazaar which is a space provided to artists, activists and academics to showcase their ideas. Each applicant for this event would be provided a tent to his/ her ideas. This event costs us 7500 USD.

We appeal to you to contribute financially to this Congress and strengthen the basic income movement in India and beyond. If you wish to support the Congress, please get in touch with me or write to Akhilesh Arya at

Thanks and best wishes for the New Year.

Dr. Sarath Davala
Vice-Chair, Basic Income Earth Network
Coordinator, India Network for Basic Income
+91 78930 33728
On behalf of the Local Organising Committee
19th BIEN Congress, Hyderabad, India.
January 20, 2019


13 Sripuri Colony,
Kakaguda, Karkhana,
Secunderabad, 500015

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