Short Films Exhibition

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Indian Network Basic Income (INBI) announces Short Films Exhibition @ 19th Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) Congress 22-25 August 2019 in Hyderabad. Short Films on a theme related to Basic Income. Call for Entries.
Your film will be screened at the Basic Income World Congress and distributed publicly as part of the Congress for a worldwide audience.
Basic Income is an idea – an idea that has the potential to liberate people – the ordinary folks. It eliminates the perennial insecurity that has become an inevitable feature of our modern existence. When that happens, the quality of mind transforms. To the poor man, it frees the mind to think and plan a future for himself and for his family. To the not-so-poor, it liberates the mind and demonstrates that a better life is possible. That’s why Basic Income is both Freedom and Development which is the theme of the 19th BIEN Congress to be held in India. Insecurity is just one of the problems that basic income squarely addresses. There are several others.
While on the one hand basic Income promises to address problems, it also invokes positive values. One such value is that of unconditionality. Nature / God has bestowed upon mankind all the gifts unconditionally. Rain falls as much on your land as on mine. Sun shines on your courtyard as much as it does on mine. But in the man-made world, life is full of conditionalities. The idea of basic income reclaims this virtue / value and promises a better world, a better community life that is based on sharing and caring.
1. The length of the Film should be below 15 minutes.
2. Your film should be made in 2018 or 2019 and be shown for the first time to a wider audience at the Congress.
3. The film should be in English or with English subtitles.
4. Entries should reach latest by 1st June 2019
5. A committee appointed by INBI will select the entries for exhibition at the Congress.
6. Two of these selected films will be jointly rewarded INBI Short Film Prize of 500 US Dollars each.

For further information and to submit films, please contact Enno Schmidt, Chair of the Committee. ennoschmidt@me.comcheck plagiarism


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Kakaguda, Karkhana,
Secunderabad, 500015

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