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  1. 1. World Basic Income Congress Hyderabad 2019
  2. Publications:
    “The Great Indian Debate on Basic Income” by Vanya Mehta
    “Common Ground: Writings on Basic Income”
  1. Documentary Film on Bela Hatvany, in collaboration with Mustardseed Trust, England, United Kingdom.


  1. Action Research on “realising Basic Income in the Northeastern States in India”
    In early 2020, INBI Foundation plans to launch a major Action Research Project in the Northeastern region to give a big push to advocate Basic Income in the 8 northeastern states. This requires that we analyse the local budgets and the current welfare approach, and see what it has done in the past to the socio-economic development of the region. And then reconstruct a new welfare basket wherein there will be an unconditional basic income as the foundation of the welfare system.
  2. “Basic Income Pilot Project with Urban Waste Collectors in Hyderabad” in Collaboration with University of Bath, England, United Kingdom.
    INBI Foundation is now finalising the collaboration with the University of Bath to undertake a major “Basic Income Pilot Study in Hyderabad on Urban Waste Collectors”. The project would start from 1st January 2020. The pilot project will take forward INBI’s mandate to have more pilot studies in India to generate evidence to demonstrate that basic income is good for all.
  3. SOLI-HUB – Self Organised Learning Initiative – HUB. In collaboration with Mission Possible 2030.
    Self-organised Learning and Innovation Hub, (SOLI- Hub) provides a space where a child’s innate sense of curiosity and the desire to make sense of the world around come into full play. Children collaborate to devise and test tech-based solutions for local pain points, all by themselves without adult interference. An initiative of INBI Foundation in partnership with Mission Possible 2030, SOLI-Hub addresses the need for nurturing critical thinking and problem-solving skills and fostering innovation.This intervention is aimed at children of the age-group 12-15 already enrolled and studying in schools, preferably in rural areas and urban slums. It complements the school system and offers children absolute freedom to participate and drop out from the project.

    While the SDG of Quality Learning is the overarching framework for SOLI-Hub, it also seeks to address other SDGs like Gender Equality, Clean Water and Energy, Affordable and Clean Energy and Sustainable Cities and Communities. The methodology involved and themes in focus resonate with SDGs. As do the underlying values which include zero wastage, optimal use of resources, working with less, being eco-friendly and compassionate.

    At present SOLI Hub is running in two places in Maharashtra, Wai, a big town and Tahmini, a village with no cell phone service and internet connectivity. The children in Wai who have been part of the project for over a year now, are dealing with the issue of the polluted River Krishna which runs through the town. They are in the process of creating floatable devices for the same.


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